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Atari leans further into crypto with Production of Atari Blockchain division, splits gaming business into separate Branch

Atari is one of the most recognizable brands in the gaming industry, but recent moves suggest it wants to explore new ventures. The company announced today the creation of two new divisions: Atari Gaming and Atari Blockchain. Atari Gaming will (unsurprisingly) handle Atari’s current gaming business. This includes the development of games (primarily free-to-play mobile…

Atari is among the most recognizable brands in the gambling business, but recent moves indicate it needs to explore new ventures. The business announced today that the creation of two new divisions: Atari Gaming and Atari Blockchain.

Atari Gaming will (unsurprisingly) handle Atari’s present gaming enterprise. Including the growth of matches (primarily free-to-play mobile titles) and using existing Atari IPs to make remakes, remasters, or new games on consoles and PCs. Atari Games may also continue to encourage the VCS games console and will manage brand licensing, focusing on companies looking to utilize recognizable Atari titles. The company says that the branch”will continue to leverage this notoriety in both gaming and non-gaming related fields (including hotels and casinos).”

Perhaps the interesting division is Atari Blockchain, that will handle anything blockchain- or crypto-related. Including the management of the Atari Token, the company’s proprietary cryptocurrency it expects will become a standard way of purchasing interactive entertainment. (Atari Token [ATRI] is worth US$0. 4864 as of press time) Atari Blockchain will also”evaluate opportunities in blockchain gaming, NFTs, and blockchain-based online worlds.”

The production of Atari Blockchain can lead to an entirely separate company. In its press release, Atari explained that it is”exploring… the potential structuring of this division as an autonomous entity with a view to a possible spin-off to Atari shareholders by the listing of this new entity.” Basically, that means that Atari Blockchain could eventually become its own company with its stock.

As a final part of the movement, the current Atari CEO, Frédéric Chesnais, will lead Atari Blockchain. In his place, Wade J. Rosen, the present Chairman of Atari’s Board of Directors will step in as the new CEO for its entire Atari Group.

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