Black holes

Black holes may be dark stars with’Planck hearts’

Black holes may not be black or holes, a new theory proposes.

Black Hispanic

Black, Hispanic Communities’ Concern Over Dementia

A new report finds U.S. racial and ethnic minority communities expect and experience more barriers when accessing dementia care.

Black Churches

Black Churches Fill a Unique Role in Combating Vaccine Fears

Churches are the keystone of a major campaign to bring good information about covid vaccines to Black communities. But pastors are finding that scarce supplies and a clumsy rollout are complicating efforts to urge vaccination.

Black Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Few days have passed since Call of Duty launched the Season 2 update. While a lot of new content arrived for the Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer and new storylines for Warzone, the biggest change came in Zombies. The highly popular game mode received a new event called Outbreak, which has fans buzzing to play. The……

Black Shared

The Rock Just Shared a Look at His Black Adam Chest and Triceps Workout

The famously swole actor is stepping up his training even further as he prepares to film Black Adam.

Black Supermassive

See a map of 25,000 supermassive black holes in distant galaxies

It might look like a map of stars, but each dot on this map of the night sky represents a supermassive black hole, each in a different distant galaxy.

Black Homeless

Homeless Black Man Fatally Shot by Sheriff’s Deputy After Jaywalking

Newly released video and audio show for the first time what started a police encounter that rocked the city of San Clemente.

Black first

One of the first known black holes is much more massive than once thought

Astronomers might need to adjust their expectations for black holes. According to the New York Times, an international research team has determined that Cygnus X-1, one of the first discovered black holes, is considerably more massive than once thoug…

Black Small

Black Small Businesses You Can Support Through Amazon

Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/AmazonSupporting small businesses is important. Supporting small, Black-owned businesses even more so. Amazon has created an entire hub to showcase Black-owned and operated businesses that use the platform for selling their products and supporting Black voices. We took a look through everything they had to offer and found some of our…

Black History

Black History Month 2021

Also known as African-American History Month, Black History Month is a tribute to the contributions and influence of Black Americans to the cultural, historical, and technological achievements of the United States. Through innovations and bold ideas, they have helped lead the country forward — and Digital Trends has put together this collection of exclusive features…